Welcome abroad! Fuchsia Design is a company comprised with team of programmers who are developing hacking related apps and cracks. Software keygens, various game patches and tweaks are what we make. And that's not all. We develop password breaker apps for all social media networks, including password recovery applications. These can be made for any other online accounts, like email clients, game accounts and so.

We live in era with rapidly growing internet where thousands of online accounts are born in every minute. High percentage of these accounts is getting hacked too. Hackers uses their special scripts and tool which can detect vulnerable accounts which can easily be cracked into. This is why everyone should get educated how important is to use high quality internet security protection and have a strong password made. Sometimes every all these are worthless, when a hacker has a powerful tool for breaking into secured systems and accounts. And these are what we made.

Our customers gets tool designed by their choice and purpose for what is made. From GUI interface to its options what it can do and so. If you want to get example how some of our tools looks like you can take a moment to see the Email hack app. It's the application created to trace Snapchat (Social network) accounts. We admit it's not developed 100% by our team, but we worked together with developers from their website. They needed our help to get the software finished so we've jumped in for work.
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We build apps for multiple platforms hacking as well. Such as "worms" which are used for various computer takeover options and tweaking, remote controlling etc. Just be most descriptive as you can when ordering your project from us and we'll make sure we satisfy all your wishes.

We're proud to mention that one of our developers is a previous coder of a famous Poison Ivy RAT. So you can be sure you'll get high quality product when choosing us for your future project.

Order Hacking Service As well!
If you don't want ordering a tool for your need and rather prefer someone else do a job for you, then we're available for this choice as well! Explain us what you need using our email address provided at contact info and we'll make a deal how much it'll cost, how time will take and so. Prices depends on how hard and secured each online account is etc. Message us to begin.

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Click Here to go to our order page where you will get instructions how to properly write your request. Keep in mind to think twice and give us as much details as you can about a product you're going to order. For services this will be easier, but that doesn't mean just one sentence of info will be enough. See you there!

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