When ordering a tool:
- Go deep and give us much details as you can. This means from main purpose for what an application will be used. For what account and website exactly. Do you want it to be undetected (Means will it use proxies and spoof your sensitive info). Where it will send hacked details to? (Email, FTP account, both...) - Graphic Interface (GUI), explain what you will like it to look like. From colors to shapes. - Some other options you'd like to integrate inside.

When ordering a service:
This is always much easier then making a tool. Just explain us what account from which social network or some other site you'd like to hack us into to. We'll arrange a price depending on how strong and secured your desired account is. I mean how hard is to break inside.

Payment methods: Bitcoin and PayPal.

Our contact info is at the bottom of the page.

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